Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need Total Equipment Protection?
You depend on your device to be productive and stay in touch with those you care about. Up to one out of three customers lose or damage their device in the first year and the manufacturer's warranty does not cover lost, stolen or damaged devices. Total Equipment Protection covers all of these incidents.

When can I enroll in Total Equipment Protection?
Simply ask your Sprint sales representative or call Asurion Customer Care at 1-800-584-3666 within 30 days of the new activation or purchase of a new device. Customers currently enrolled in Total Equipment Protection may upgrade to Total Equipment Protection Plus at any time with an eligible device by calling 1-800-584-3666.

Who do I contact to receive a replacement device?
For lost, stolen or damaged devices, you can file a claim online 24x7 at or you can contact Asurion Customer Care at 1-800-584-3666. Hours of Operation are Monday-Friday: 7am-11pm CST and Saturday & Sunday: 8am-9pm CST.

How long do I have to report a claim?
You have up to 60 days after a loss occurs to file a claim.

Is there a deductible charge or additional fee?
There is a $50, $100, $150 or $200 non-refundable deductible per approved insurance replacement (depending upon your device). Payment of the deductible is required upon approval of the claim.

For mechanical or electrical failure, routine maintenance or failure from normal wear and tear, you can obtain a covered repair or replacement by visiting a Sprint Phone Repair Center. Your first two repair/replacement transactions are included at no additional charge. A $25 service fee applies to each subsequent repair or exchange in any consecutive 12-month period. Visit for a location near you.

Is there a way to check the status of my replacement?
Yes! 24x7 on the web at You may also receive tracking information for your replacement device via an automated system by contacting Asurion Customer Care at 1-800-584-3666.

Do I need to return my damaged device?
If your device is damaged or if your lost device is later found, please return the device to avoid any non-return fees which can up to $900 depending on your device. We will mail you everything you need to return your device.

How do I return my damaged device?
A pre-paid USPS envelope will be included inside your package. Simply return the damaged device within 10 days using the envelope provided to avoid being charged for the non-returned device. You can place the package in your mail box or drop it off at your local post office. You may track the return of your device online at

Please note that if the damaged device is not returned within 10 days of receipt of your replacement, a non-return fee may be applied to your Sprint invoice up to the full replacement value of your device.

Will the replacement device be exactly the same as the original?
Every effort will be made to replace your device with the exact model. Replacement equipment may be new or a Sprint certified remanufactured device and/or a comparable model You will be notified in advance of the device being shipped.

What if my replacement device is damaged or defective when I receive it?
Your replacement device comes with a 12-month limited warranty. If your replacement device is damaged upon receipt or malfunctioning, you will need to visit a Sprint Phone Repair Center for assistance. Visit for a location near you.

For all other issues with your replacement, please call Asurion Customer Care at 1-800-584-3666 within 30 days of receipt of your replacement.

What devices are eligible to enroll in TEP Plus?
To enroll in TEP Plus, customers must have a higher-end device. To view a complete list of devices eligible for TEP Plus visit our website The website schedule is updated regularly to include new models.