Here are some important program details to know before enrolling in Total Mobile Protection:

Pricing. Total Mobile Protection is $13 per month for smartphones, iPhones and watches and $10 for tablets and basic devices. Total Mobile Protection Multi-Device is $39 per month per account. TMP MD Additional Coverage is $9 per month per line. TMP MD is account-based coverage for customers with at least 3 eligible lines, up to 10 eligible lines.

Claims. For lost, stolen, and damaged device claims, deductibles are $19-$199 depending on device. For cracked screen repair claims, the deductible is $29 for all eligible smartphones. Cracked screen repair is available for select smartphones, subject to parts availability.

With TMP, you are allowed 3 claims in 12 months. With TMP Multi-Device, you are allowed 9 shared claims in 12 months for any 3 eligible lines on your account. TMP MD Additional Coverage provides 3 additional claims to your shared claim allotment. Each equipment claim has a maximum of $400 or $2000, depending on the device. Your replacement device could be new or refurbished.

Cracked Screen Repair. Cracked screen repair is available for select smartphones and subject to parts availability. Visit to check your eligibility for cracked screen repair, as well as the repair option(s) available in your area. Repair options will be presented at time of claim approval.

Cancellation. You can cancel your coverage at any time and get a prorated refund of your monthly fee. TMP and TMP MD are optional features. You don’t need to purchase these features to purchase or lease your device or activate your Verizon wireless service.

Terms and Conditions. Complete terms and conditions are available at, and in the brochure that is available in Verizon’s stores. You will also be mailed a welcome kit after you enroll which includes a summary of key program details, a full set of terms and conditions and program fees. You may visit to check your eligibility for cracked screen repair as well as the repair option(s) available in your area. To learn more about the benefits of TMP, TMP Multi-Device, and other device protection options visit

Products Available Separately. TMP is a combination of multiple products, each of which is available separately: WPP $3/mo. for Basic Devices and Tablets or $6.75/mo. for Smartphones, iPhones and Watches; EW $3/mo. for all device types; and Verizon Tech Coach $7/mo. Prices for products purchased separately may vary, except in New York. The Verizon Wireless Extended Warranty Program is not available in Florida.